Foh Keesa



What’s a vacation if you can’t indulge yourself in that book that you’ve been carrying for weeks but never have gotten the time to read? Or simply some time off from all the electronic devices that have been enslaving you since your last vacation? ​

The people of Addu have thought this through and got you the perfect solution – Foh Keesa! An open community library that defies the traditional behind the wall concept of a library. And what’s best? It’s located just feed away from the shore!​

Foh Keesa makes reading as relaxing as possible, as you read a book of your choice from the “Keesa” – Dhivehi name for a satchel used to carry valuables in the olden days.

Under the shade of coconut palms on the shoreline, sipping on a coconut from the nearby gaadiya – Dhivehi for stall, sitting on a joali – a traditional chair made from sticks and weaved rope, with the soft monsoon breeze against your hair, this would be pure bliss for any book lover.

The art of coconut cutting by the beybe’ – Dhivehi for brother (often used as a sign of respect to an elder male), at the gaadiya is a delight of its own. Remember to awaken the environment warrior in you and ask to not give you a straw – unless you really need one. Once you’re done with drinking the coconut, don’t throw it in the bin just yet! The best part is still inside. Ask the beybe’ to cut open the coconut in half to get a taste of that tender coconut flesh inside. Don’t worry if you don’t have a spoon on you. The beybe’ will cut out a spoon for you from the coconut itself!

The ambiance of Foh Keesa even makes a nice romantic night out in the island. The cool sea breeze at night combined with the relaxing and quiet environment by the shore, with a warm drink to sip on would be the perfect touch to a simple date night out.