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the pendant of Maldives
The heart shaped pendant at the bottom of the pearl necklace patterned Maldives is Addu City, the southern-most atoll in the country! Located right below the centre of the globe, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Addu is the perfect tropical getaway you’ve been longing for! Find out how you can make your holiday in Addu an amazing one with iloveaddu!
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Great History.
Fascinating Place.
Let us show you the best of Addu! With certain areas of the atoll still seemingly frozen in time from the British colonization, Addu has so much more to offer than just crystal clear lagoons and white sandy beaches. The road to modern day Addu, warmness of the hearts of locals along with the uniqueness of the culture, food and natural beauty of the atoll just tops it all. The perfect balance of history and modernity is what makes Addu the perfect local experience your vacation should be all about in the Maldives.
I Love Addu
What to do?
  • Addu Nature Park
    Addu Nature Park – Satisfy your tropical wanderlust
    Cycle through the forestry trails of the undisturbed natural ecosystem that embraces the Eedhigali Kilhi and canoe alongside baby sharks and mantas through breathtaking mangroves, before snorkeling at the tip of Koattey to experience the exquisite underwater beauty to end your day with a warm chai while watching the golden sun as it dissolves into the skyline. If you’re a keen history fanatic, make sure you ask for a guided tour – the facts would blow your mind away!
  • Sports Fishing
    Sports Fishing with Bonda
    Need a little "Reel" Therapy? Get in touch with iloveaddu to learn about our exclusive Sports Fishing with Bonda. Depending on the target species, Bonda uses a variety of trolling, jigging and popping gear and techniques to help maximize your change at a strike. Not only has Bonda mastered the techniques, he also makes sure that you try it out yourself and experience the thrill of reeling in the fish on your own.
  • Foh Keesa
    Sip a coconut and have a read at Foh Keesa
    An open community library that defies the traditional behind the wall concept of a library. Foh Keesa makes reading as relaxing as possible, as you read a book of your choice from the “Keesa” – Dhivehi name for a satchel used to carry valuables in the olden days. Under the shade of coconut palms on the shoreline, sipping on a coconut from the nearby stall, sitting on a joali – a traditional chair made from sticks and weaved rope, with the soft monsoon breeze against your hair, this would be pure bliss for any book lover.
  • Suvadive Cafe
    SUVADIVE! The finest diving experience in Addu
    Let the savory aroma of the exquisite dishes prepared by the world class chefs at Suvadive Café enchant you as the aroma lets you taste the food before it reaches your mouth. Apart from this, the name Suvadive holds a captivating story of history, from which you could get a glimpse of the British colonial and Suvadive era of the city while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee through the mosaic art on the walls. All in all, the mouthwatering food combined with the calming ambiance created by the ever so perfect play list and Instagram worthy fish pond would take your dining experience to a whole new level!
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