16 Nov 2019

A trip to Mathikilhi Eco Garden

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We always recommend anyone who visits Addu to take a trip to Hulhumeedhoo, and with reasons! Made by a couple of local islanders, the eco garden is sure awaken the wanderlust inside you. Located in the centre of main wetland area of Meedhoo, the eco garden is surrounded by the historical Fenfila koaru, the river of green stripe barb.

As you walk in through the sandy trail at the edge of the road, you will find yam farms on either side of the trail followed by young coconut palms protecting from the scorching hot sun even at the middle of the day.

Once you reach the muddy part of the trail, you might want to take off your slippers and carry them along with you until you reach the wooden deck bridge that goes across the lake. As you reach half way through the trail, you’ll find a notice with a phone number which you should give a call to, to get permission to enter the site. The contact would also give you a little bit of information about the area.

The area has benches and arched bridges over the lake which would make the perfect pic of the day on the gram and also make your explorer instincts kick in as the place would make you feel like you’re in a tiny maze. Halfway over the wooden deck, you’ll notice a little staircase which leads down to the muddy waters of the lake. It might feel a bit warm when you put your feet in at first, but once you move the mud around a bit with your feet, it becomes a natural soothing warm mud spring.

It’s best to visit at noon to soak in the warmness of the mud, which is said to contain special minerals that leaves your skin shining smooth after the dried mud cracks off. A nice swim at the local beach to wash off the mud before you head home would make the perfect end to a good mud bath.

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