16 Nov 2019

Dine at Suvadive, the finest dining experience in Addu

Suvadive Cafe

Looking for the best food in town? Look no more, because we’ve found it for you! Located in Hithadhoo, Suvadive is not only the most famous restaurant around, it is also well known for the historical significance of the name it holds.

The name Suvadive holds a captivating story of history, from which you could get a glimpse of the British colonial and Suvadive era of the city while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee through the mosaic art on the walls. Try to spot the Queen! Easiest way to catch a selfie with the Her Royal Highness!

As you enter the restaurant, the savory aroma of the exquisite dishes prepared by the world class chefs at Suvadive Café is sure to enchant you as the aroma lets you taste the food before it reaches your mouth. The mouthwatering food combined with the calming ambiance created by the ever so perfect play list and Instagram worthy fish pond would take your dining experience to a whole new level!

The dinner experience grows folds over with the fish pond inside the restaurant where the friendly waiters let the little ones feed the fishes and enjoy themselves. With a good meal, enjoyable ambiance and amicable service, a dinner at Suvadive would make the perfect dinner out.

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