Sport Fishing


Need a little "Reel" Therapy? Get in touch with iloveaddu to learn about our exclusive Sports Fishing with Bonda. Depending on the target species, Bonda uses a variety of trolling, jigging and popping gear and his special techniques to help maximize your change at a strike.

Not only has Bonda mastered the techniques, he also makes sure that you try it out yourself and experience the thrill of reeling in the fish on your own. You can be sure that even the smallest of Jack fish will put up excellent sport for the angling enthusiast in you when you're with Bonda.

We, the iloveaddu team went with Bonda on a little expedition ourselves to check out what the hype was all about. To say that we were extremely satisfied would be an understatement. We set out with Bonda for a full day expedition and took off around mid-morning to our destination – the deep blues! As we reached Bonda’s special fish point, he took out his brief case of gears and started the setup which took about a couple of minutes.​

According to Bonda, there are a wide range of fishing methods, out of which a specific method is opted based on the current, weather and wind. Our day was a full day of popping, which basically meant we had to pop, lock and reel!

It didn’t take much long before this big guy bit on our lure and got reeled up, but not without putting up a good fight. A mighty red snapper! After a good day out at sea with a couple more of good sized catches, we thought, what better way to end the day than with a barbecued fresh fish for dinner? And that’s exactly what we did!